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Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2018 Written Update

Nikhil leaves the ailing John in the middle of street. John turns to run for life with his injured legs. Nikhil drives the car hitting John who dies. Kiara had come out of the car and witness the accident. Sunny also goes down the car and asks Kiara why she is so afraid. Kiara was unable to speak.
Abhi comes towards a temple corner in the hospital. Purab comes there. He asks Purab what Pragya is for him, she is only a guest. King was asking him why everyone in his house cares for Pragya so much. Abhi says he told King that Pragya is the best for him and so he got emotional for him. He never thought he would ever have to call Pragya a guest, he wonders why he went so far away. Its so painful to hide his feelings at this tough time. Purab appreciates Abhi’s efforts. They watch King speaking
to the hospital staff nearby. Purab says Abhi hid his feelings in front of the one who cares a lot for Pragya himself. Abhi says he doesn’t like King being so nice. King walks towards them and wanted to speak to Purab. He wanted to thank Disha for giving blood to his wife. Purab claims Pragya has turned to be like a family member by this blood sharing now.
Tannu gets a call from Nikhil who briefs her about her assigned task. He now demands Tannu to do what he asks her to in return. Aaliya hear Tannu speak to Nikhil on phone and promise to do anything he would ask her to. Aaliya comes inside to slap Tannu on face
The driver comes out of the car and asks why she came out in such heavy rain. Kiara says someone killed this man lying in the midst of the road, she claims to be able to recognize the murderer. People compel Tiara to come along them to police station.
Aalya blames Tannu’s character and accuses her to have continued relations with Nikhil, that’s why she couldn’t create a relation with Abhi. She betrayed her brother and has no right to live in the house. Tannu resists by deterring to hit Aaliya’s head with a vase otherwise. She asks why would she betray Abhi, when she longed for this life. She explains she only sent Nikhil to stop John and John is dead. She saved both of them but next time if she tries to slap her…. she slaps Aaliya on face saying she would also return it.
In the hospital, doctor appears from OT. Everyone was tensed. The doctor says she is out of danger, she is conscious but weak. They must go inside one by one. Abhi steps forward but King goes towards Pragya’s room first. Tears fill Abhi’s eyes. King turns to offer Abhi go inside first, Abhi allows King. Purab place a hand over Abhi’s shoulder consoling him. Bee ji asks if he is still angry with Pragya that he sent her boss inside. Dadi says the boss must be in a hurry to leave, so he was allowed inside.
Inside, King sits beside Pragya and asks how she feels. She smiles weakly, better. King says she had to be better, he even wrote a song for her while she was ill. Pragya corrects a few Hindi words in his verses and was happy.
In the corridor, Disha questions why Abhi let King meet Pragya first. Abhi says he is her husband and holds the first right. There are matters in life beyond one’s understandings, Disha must relax and not stress herself. Disha leaves annoyed, Purab follows her.

PRECAP: Abhi tells Pragya about the state of whole family. Pragya asks what about Abhi??

Written Update by Sona

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